Integrate the Login and Pay with Amazon extension for OpenCart

Login and Pay with Amazon now available on OpenCart. That means you can add the Login and Pay with Amazon button to your OpenCart store in just a few steps.

Just 3 steps - it's that simple:

Create an account

Sign up for an Amazon Payments Seller Account. This account is where you will receive payments, update your account settings and view settlement reports.

Enable the Login and Pay with Amazon extension

Simply enable Login and Pay with Amazon on your OpenCart platform.

Go live

Let your customers know you accept Amazon Payments today. Check out our merchant resources page for tips.

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About Login and Pay with Amazon for OpenCart

Login and Pay with Amazon is now available on OpenCart. Setup is simple and easy.

Amazon charges you nothing to enable the Login and Pay with Amazon feature on your OpenCart store and you can start accepting Amazon Payments in a matter of minutes.

It's fast, easy and secure and helps you add new customers, increase sales, and reduce fraud. You can leverage the trust of the Amazon brand to grow your business. Plus it's a seamless experience for your customers. All buyer interactions take place in widgets, so they never leave your site. Customers simply login using their Amazon credentials, select a shipping address and payment method, and confirm their order.

New customers
Make it easy for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop on your website with the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon accounts.
Reduce costs
Protect your business from the cost of fraud-related chargebacks using Amazon’s proven fraud protection technology.
Easy setup
Built for businesses large and small, Login and Pay with Amazon for OpenCart is an easy-to-install and robust solution.
Trusted protection
Keep your customers secure! Leverage the same user authentication system used on

Keep customers on your site

Don’t lose customers by redirecting them to a third-party website to pay. Allow customers to pay quickly, easily and securely in-line with your existing checkout experience.
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For any question or to learn more about how Amazon Payments can help you grow your business please contact us.

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